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The graphite deposit «Soyuznoye» is one of the biggest and highest qualitygraphite deposits in the world.

The deposit is locatedon the territory of the Jewish Autonomous Region near the settlement Amurzet.According to projections the total resources of “Soyuznoye” amount to more than 15 mln. tons of graphite. Mining and processing of the raw materials are expected for thenearest 60 years.

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The strategic target of the first stage of project «Soyuznoye» is production of more than 40 000 tons of graphite grades.

The implementation of the project began in 2011. To date, a complex of geological exploration has been completed, technologies for the production of ordinary grades of graphite have been developed, and the design of the enterprise has been completed. The construction of the Topolikhinsky quarry, a 110 kV LV with a 110/35/10 substation, an access road to the industrial site, a highway from the Topolikhinsky quarry to the enrichment plant, an administrative and household complex has been completed. There is an active construction of an enrichment plant, a residential complex for staff. The technology of production of high-purity grades of graphite, spherical graphite for technological industries has been developed.

The launch of the enterprise is scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2023.

The volume of investments in the first stage of the project will amount to $ 120 million.

The implementation of these plans will allow in the future to revive the graphite industry in Russia and create the largest industrial complex in the country for the production of graphite, which will become a source of high-quality raw materials for the manufacture of high-tech graphite products for the metallurgical industry, mechanical engineering and electronics production.

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