"Dalgraphite" project is included in the short list of the National Competition of Corporate Media

«This year, the organizing committee only for the main categories of the national competition received about 90 applications for participation from 24 Russian regions and 10 industry areas, the majority of companies. For the first time in the contest in the nomination of independent presentations of the company »,  - the organizers of the" Silver thread ".

«Dalgraphite» — innovative Russian company specializing in the production of graphite ore, production of graphite and products based on it — claim to victory with a video presentation about the company. Recall, the company is developing the field «the Union» in the Jewish Autonomous Region, Russia — one of the richest and most high-quality graphite deposits in the world.

Video presentation itself consists of two parts. The first tells of the importance of graphite in the modern world, that the acute shortage and scarcity of this material can seriously slow down the progress of the world. The video explains that the field «the Union» graphite can compensate for this lack of quality graphite on the future of the market. The second part is aimed at Bole broad audience and represents detailed information about the project to develop a graphite deposit. Thus business partners get the most complete answers to all questions about the project. The premiere of the video presentation was held at the Eastern Economic Forum (WEF, Vladivostok, Russia) at the stand of the Jewish Autonomous Region. She received high marks state officials and guests. Specific reference was made minimal design with 3-D graphics and creative typography. To view the presentation, you can follow the link.

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National Award «Silver Threads» is awarded at the end of the year the most successful corporate newspapers and magazines, i-SMI, corporate websites and Intranet portals, radio and television programs, as well as special projects in corporate communications and annual reports. Along with the national competition held Interregional and Industry contests corporate media resources and annual reports.

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